About School Management System.

Our school management system  is  designed to streamline and automate various administrative tasks and processes within educational institutions.

It helps schools and educational organizations manage student data, academic records, staff information, attendance, grades, and other school-related activities.


Features of a School Management System

Our system offers a wide range of features to support various administrative and academic functions within an educational institution.

Student Information Management

A comprehensive database to store and manage student information, including personal details, contact information, medical history, attendance records, and academic performance.

Admission and Enrollment Management

Tools to manage the entire admission and enrollment process, including online application forms, document verification, fee payment, and enrollment tracking.

Attendance Tracking

Features to record and track student attendance, including the ability to mark attendance electronically, generate attendance reports, and send notifications to parents regarding their child's attendance .

Gradebook and Exam Management

Facilities to record and manage student grades, create exam schedules, conduct assessments, calculate cumulative grades, and generate report cards.

Timetable Management

Tools to create and manage school timetables, assign classes, teachers, and subjects, and ensure efficient scheduling of classes and resources.

Fee Management

Functionality to manage student fees, including fee collection, invoicing, fee structure configuration, and tracking of payments. It may also include features for managing scholarships, discounts, and financial aid.





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